12 days of Christmas

as the magical season of Christmas is now upon us, sadly we must inform you that we will not be producing our annual 12 days of Christmas this year.

we know that some of you have been with us from the start. others have found us along the way through various links or searches. whichever way you discovered us, we are certainly grateful that you have enjoyed our stories over the years, and especially our annual 12 days of Christmas. we have been told that reading and watching the 12 days of Christmas has actually become a family tradition for some of you. that is incredibly humbling and rewarding at the same time. to those of you that eagerly look forward to this each year, we are sorry to disappoint.

we are a traditional family, and we tend to do things a little unconventionally by today’s standards. for example, having a blog that we only utilize for 12 days out of the year at Christmas. or stepping away from social media for almost 2 years now. or the fact that we don’t watch television or allow cell phones at the dinner table.

we don’t really get into the whole “instant” craze that seems to consume our society. instead, we choose to eliminate the unnecessary noise. and that is one of the underlying reasons that we are taking a break from the 12 days of Christmas this year. instead of feeling tied to the internet in the days leading up to Christmas, we are choosing to remove ourselves from it and focus fully on our family with no distractions and no need to share with the world.

so, merry Christmas to each and every one of you out there. may God bless you and your families.