day 10 – dusty

the time has come for my very own personal update. these are always the hardest to write, but ultimately, it is nice to step back and reflect upon all that has happened in the year.

2012 was a big year for me. i shot and produced more videos this year than ever before. many of these new projects required substantial traveling, so i was able to see several new places along the way. one of those new places was rwanda, a country in central africa. spending time producing meaningful work in africa was one of the most influential experiences in my life.

but you see, that is the key thing about this year, and even last year. all of the projects that i have been blessed to be a part of have impacted me on a much deeper level than just business. they have challenged me to step back and look at life in a whole new light. i have learned so much from these experiences, and while the goal was to deliver high quality work, i feel like i was the one that truly received more.

without going into the details of each project and client, i can honestly say that my life changed for the better due to these opportunities. i have learned to appreciate nature, and the quiet solitude that it can bestow. i have learned to value relationships, without facebook and twitter. i have learned to truly listen, in my conversations with people and in my prayers with God.

it has been refreshing, revitalizing, and renewing. it has allowed me to add meaning to my life by focusing on the essentials. as many of you know, i fully embrace minimalism in every aspect of life. these experiences have tied directly into that mindset, and i really believe it was divine.

one of the biggest and most direct influences was stepping away from social media. i have not been on facebook or twitter during the entire year of 2012. it has been quite an experiment, and one that i feel has given me much fulfillment. so much, in fact, that i want to write a book about how removing myself directly impacted my life on so many different levels.

the book, in turn, would be directly related to a blog that i halfway started a couple of years ago. it is based on these same principles and how they apply to fatherhood. if you know me well, then you know that i have a goal of one day becoming a full-time blogger. and while i toyed with this idea a couple of years ago, i feel like i truly needed the experiences that the past two years have given me in order to write a book and blog regarding these thoughts.

so, my hope is that for my family update in 2013, i will be telling you about the new book and the new blog. if there is one thing that i have learned this year, it is to slow down and enjoy the process. there is no sense in rushing and missing the best parts of building your life. focus on the details. soak it all in. and when it is time, you will know.

One thought on “day 10 – dusty

  1. Claudia Dalton says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading this since the first year you guys did it … it’s part of my Christmas traditions now :)

    Thank you so much for doing this but i must say I missed reading my friend Kelly’s post this year :) hehehehe

    Love this beatiful family!!

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