day 2 – david gray

following the release of yesterday’s Christmas mix, it is obvious that music is a big deal to us. for kelly and i both, it is something that has forever been at the core of our relationship. one musician in particular has always held a special place in our hearts. throughout the many years that we have been together, his music has continually been a part of our lives.

the musician i am referring to is david gray. as a self-proclaimed music junkie, i can honestly say that he is my all-time favorite. i can vividly remember receiving my very first david gray album. it was during my first semester of college, and my mom sent it to me for my birthday. she will probably never know just how much that album meant to me at that particular time in my life. it changed everything, and i began to see music in a whole new light.

david gray’s music became more than just music to us. it became a part of our story. while kelly and i were dating, his music was there. during my summer-long proposal to kelly, his music was there. at our wedding, his music was there. and even to this day, his music is just as special to us as it was the very time we heard it.

for as long as i can remember, kelly and i have promised each other that at some point in our lives, we would see david gray live in concert. well, that moment came sooner than we ever expected. in fact, it was a little surprise from kelly for my birthday this year.

typically, in order to see david gray in concert, you have to travel overseas. but it just so happened that he was touring through america this fall. and not only that, he was coming right through western north carolina. it was honestly like a dream come true. but it quickly became a reality whenever we received our tickets in the mail.

David Gray 1

we made an entire night out of it. dinner with friends at one of our favorite thai restaurants in asheville. the concert. and then dessert at a splendid little chocolate lounge downtown. it was a magical evening, and the concert was unbelievable. hearing our favorite songs being performed right in front of us is something that i will never be able to truly describe. he sounded even better in person. simply incredible.

David Gray 2

and as if the night wasn’t already perfect, as our friends dropped us off at our car, we stumbled upon david gray’s tour bus. and of course, a mob of fans eagerly waiting for him to exit the building. we jokingly talked about how awesome it would be to actually meet david gray. and then about fifteen minutes later, this happened.

David Gray 3

he signed our tickets. he talked and laughed with us. he hugged us. but above all of that, i will never forget him shaking my hand and in his deep english accent saying, “wow, dusty. what a fantastic name you have.” it was beyond words, and will probably go down as one of the most memorable moments in my life. it was honestly more than i could have ever asked for on my birthday, and this photo says it all.

David Gray 4