day 5 – jackson

it feels like jackson has grown up so much this year. he is such a little man, and we often talk about how we want to wrap him up and remember him just as he is right now. he has the sweetest and most tender heart that you will ever find. he is a pleaser, and he wants to do so good in everything he does. he is very bright, and we are constantly blown away by his imagination and creativity. and while it feels like he is growing by the second, he still enjoys several of the same things that he always has.

for example, he still cooks. i mean, like real deal cooking. this guy is a chef. when he is not in the kitchen preparing meals, he can often be found grilling outside on the deck or cooking with a makeshift stove in his room.

outside of cooking, jackson still loves construction, and he continues to manage the same crew of workers. you know, cody, hippy chris, gee, diggy-dac, and his latest addition, cheetah. emerson usually joins the gang, and together, they get the job done.

Jackson and Emerson

since we seldom pass a construction site without stopping to watch, they have seen and heard actual construction workers shouting orders to each other. naturally, they have now developed their own little construction language that they use to bark orders to their crew.

to add to the authenticity of being a real worker, jackson often likes to sport a beard or mustache. he shaves pretty often though, and for good reason. just check out his creative approach to growing facial hair.


and even though he has been busy running construction crews, jackson has still somehow found time to go to school. yes, our little guy officially started preschool this year, which was tougher for us than it was for him. here he is on his very first day of school outside of his classroom, with his teachers, and with kelly.

Jackson 2

Jackson 3

Jackson 4

although he only attends two days a week for a few hours, it has still been an adjustment for us. but i am so proud of that little dude. we regularly get excellent reports from his teachers, and he has made several friends. one friend in particular, a girl named violet, has apparently stolen his little heart. let me just precede this by saying that prior to school, jackson wanted nothing to do with girls. in fact, he says he still doesn’t like them, but he makes a special exception for violet.

he is growing up so fast, and not a day goes by that he isn’t entertaining us. he loves the spotlight, and he knows exactly what to do to make us laugh. there is one thing he does in particular that kelly absolutely loves. we are not sure where it came from, but he quietly whispers a series of things that he wants to do in order to “get a little crazy” before bedtime.

and while he is usually cracking us up, it is sometimes sweeter just listen to his own precious little laugh. i will leave you with this video of him from our family vacation this year. this was his first real experience on an amusement ride, and he just couldn’t stop laughing.