day 6 – emerson

and then there is emerson. full of mischief and truly one-of-a-kind. his little personality has certainly blossomed over the past year. he is cute. devilishly cute. and he has already learned how to use that to his advantage. while he adores and idolizes his big brother, he certainly walks to his own beat. he is curiously creative and dangerously smart. i mean, really smart. if you interacted with him, you would not think he was only two years old. he is mechanical, yet artistic. he loves taking things apart to see how they work, and he is always drawing, usually anywhere but on the paper. he is not really the “keep it between the lines” type of person. he is too much fun, and always so happy. he openly loves girls, is extremely confident, and always looking for a good time. dangerous combination, we know.

as i mentioned, emerson loves his big brother jackson, and they are often interested in many of the same things. one of those things is cooking. they both have developed a love for being in the kitchen, and kelly is always so good to let them help.

in the video above, you may have noticed that emerson operated comfortably on the kitchen counter. ever since he was a baby, he has been quite a daring little climber. he loves to climb and get into places that he shouldn’t be. we often find him in the craziest spots and have no idea how he even got there.

Emerson 1

one of our favorite things about the photo above is the pink helmet. emerson is an interesting kid, and he loves pink. it has always been his favorite color, and he is not ashamed to rock it. if pink is an option, then you can bet that he will choose it. for example, whenever we eat, he has his own special pink bowl. oh, and one of his favorite toys is his pink calculator.

Emerson 2

Emerson 5

this has been a big year for emerson. he moved out of his crib and into his very own big-boy bed. he was an absolute breeze to potty train. and he stopped nursing. oh yeah, he was still nursing at 2.5 years old. however, in staying consistent with his love for pink, kelly came up with a clever idea to wean him from nursing. in order to make the switch to whole milk, we presented it to him as pink milk. by adding a little strawberry nesquik, he suddenly couldn’t resist whole milk. and we never looked back.

and when he gets a little pink milk in his system, things really get crazy. like i said, the kid knows how to have a good time. he just has such a lovable little presence about him, and he is definitely the one that gets the party started.

but it’s not always fun and games. sometimes, emerson has to crack down. he is seldom serious, but when he is, he gives a look that is classic emerson. he knits his eyebrows together and pooches his lips out, and it is all we can do to not laugh. over time, he has now chosen to name this look his “bad guy face”.

Emerson 4

as you can see, emerson easily grows on you. he will steal your heart in a flash, and when he is not there, you miss him. as i mentioned in a previous update, i spent three weeks in africa earlier this year. one of the hardest things about that trip was not being home for emerson’s second birthday. so, while i was there, i decided to make a special video for his birthday. i sent the video to him on his actual birthday, so that i could, in some way, be there with him. all the way from africa, i will leave you with emerson’s birthday surprise.