day 8 – country music

as i said before, we are a family that loves music. over the course of this year, our boys have developed quite an affinity for one genre of music in particular. country.

it is all they want to listen to. and through listening to the country music radio stations, they have been drawn to a select few artists that have now become their favorites. for emerson, his favorite country music artist is definitely luke bryan, or as he says it, buke bryan. being that he loves girls, he also has a thing for carrie underwood, or again, as he says it, carrie woada-oda.

jackson, on the other hand, loves jason aldean. he is without a doubt jackson’s favorite country music artist. jackson idolizes him and wants to do everything jason aldean does. there was even a time that he wouldn’t respond unless we called him jason aldean. not just jason, but jason aldean.

when it came time for jackson to start preschool, he was struggling the night before his first day. he was noticeably upset about it, and he did not want to go. so again, kelly came up with a clever idea. she called one of her girlfriends and asked if her husband would call jackson pretending to be jason aldean. this guy is a good friend of mine as well, and we chose him because we knew jackson would not recognize his voice. furthermore, this guy’s voice is about as country as it gets. so, when we told jackson that jason aldean was calling, he could barely hold in his excitement. and you better believe that when jason aldean told jackson that he went to preschool as a little boy, jackson swiftly changed his mind and wanted to go as well.

now that we have set the stage for you, i am going to turn it over to our two little country music performers. they know the words to their favorite songs inside and out, and they jump at the opportunity to sing for an audience. here they are singing their top picks from their chosen artists. first up is jackson performing “take a little ride” by jason aldean. then we have emerson as luke (buke) bryan singing “drunk on you”, or as he says it, “drum on you”. sit back and enjoy.