day 9 – sharks

aside from country music and construction, the boys are both highly interested in sharks. i’m not sure exactly how it started, but they have been fascinated by sharks for over a year now. in fact, they dressed up as sharks for halloween in 2011, when jackson was 3 and emerson was 1.



and since their love for sharks hasn’t faded, they dressed up in the exact same costumes this year for halloween. of course, we had to purchase bigger sizes, but those costumes have been one of the best investments we have made. they wear them on a daily basis everywhere we go.


and while they love dressing up and pretending to be sharks, they also have a desire to really learn about actual sharks. through national geographic programs, educational books, and interactive ipad apps, they have retained quite a bit of information about ocean life. they began by learning all of the different shark species and what each of them eats. through this process, jackson developed a love for great whites, while emerson’s favorite became the hammerhead.


during our family vacation this year, we took jackson and emerson to ripley’s aquarium. it was an amazing experience, and the boys loved every minute of it. they saw so many different sea creatures in various environments, but of course their favorite thing was seeing the sharks.



then, later in the fall, we learned of a small aquarium right here in our hometown. and it just so happened that they were running a limited time shark exhibit. needless to say, we jumped on that opportunity as well, and i was able to take them for yet another day of shark-infested fun.


but as much as the boys love their shark costumes, they occasionally explore other depths of the ocean world. jackson has recently come up with his own scuba suit and gear. when he came out of his room wearing this ingenious design, we could not stop laughing. such a creative imagination.


the sky is the limit for these two little boys. but who knows, maybe one day they actually will be diving to research sharks.